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The girl was wearing too much makeup and option binaire not enough dress, and she was engaged in a loud argument with a Beer Garden employee who was impeccably turned out in black and white lederhosen with red suspenders. First of all, I am eighteen years old, and second of all, there is no drinking age on Union Station! First of all, you look around fourteen to me, the man said, ticking off the point on a fat finger. Second, we do not allow option binaire corridor tramps to solicit business in our restaurant. Bastard!

The girl made a wild attempt to slap his face, but lost her balance on the wobbly heels and might have fallen over if Joe hadn’t caught her from behind. Hey, friend, Joe addressed the gatekeeper over the girl’s heaving shoulders, and fixed him with the special barroom stare developed over twenty years of dealing with locals who refused service to mercenaries. As usual, he found himself taking a strange female’s side without even thinking, a reaction that had resulted in a number of uncompensated injuries over his career.

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There’s no call for that sort of talk. My niece may lack fashion sense, but that doesn’t make her a corridor tramp. The man drew his lips back in a mirthless smile as he tried to assess Joe’s physique beneath the material of the poorly fitting silver suit. After cracking his meaty knuckles, he apparently decided it wasn’t worth getting all sweaty this early in the evening. Es tur me leid, he mumbled, stepping back and allowing them both to enter.

The evening had barely started and the Beer Garden was just beginning to fill up. Joe guided the enraged girl to an empty picnic table in the corner where it would be easy for his date to spot the silver suit when she arrived. A cheerful waitress wearing a short skirt and tall white socks, basically the female version of the lederhosen worn by the doorman, arrived briskly to take their order. Joe ordered a option binaire Bock, and the girl, who was still casting ferocious glares towards the entrance, requested a hot apple cider. That guy was just being mean because he could never hope to date a girl as pretty as you, Joe told her gallantly.

Is this your first time in the Beer Garden? Yes, the girl lisped in an accent Joe couldn’t quite place. I’ve only been on the station for a week, and I option binaire had to borrow these clothes to come out. I’ve never really worn make-up before and I’m afraid it’s not quite right.